Immerse yourself in play with fibre and colour as you create a stunning hand-painted nuno felted piece with fabulous 3-dimensional surface effects. Design a unique wearable work of art of your own such as a scarf, wrap, vest or chemise. Or, make a journal, pillow or several pieces of fibre art jewelry.



Using lustrous fibres and fabrics, you will felt fine merino wool into silk or cotton fabric and incorporate 3-D effects such as:

·       rosettes

·       blossoms

·       fabric collage

·       silk spirals

·       silk brocade

·       fluttering leaves

·       abstract ruffles

·       “corkscrew” fringe

·       rivers of silken shimmer using handspun yarn or silk roving


In addition, you will learn:

·       how to use resists

·       “No Roll” method. This much-loved method leaves more time and energy for creativity!

·       how to hand-paint dye directly onto your piece as if it were a painting!


Instructions included: Nuno Collage Scarf (with the Dryer/No Roll method), 6 pages; Notes on 3-D Techniques, 3 pages.


Hand-Painting Option

Hand-painting adds another dimension to the beauty inherent in nuno. Paint your nuno felted piece with colour for a spectacular watercolour effect and watch in amazement as dye pigments flow and combine to create new colours and subtle transitions.


Instructions included: Hand-Paint a Nuno Watercolour, 3 pages.


Note: If you select the Hand-painting option, you will create your nuno felted piece in mostly un-dyed fibres and fabrics, using only a small amount of coloured materials for enhancement and depth of colour.




The fee for an online instruction session is $75 US or CDN per hour.


If you are purchasing 2 hours or more, you may share the cost of the sessions with a friend.


For a single person taking the workshop, if you purchase 3 or more hours of instruction, the rate is reduced to $65 per hour.


Credit cards are accepted, or payment may be made through PayPal. See more information below.


Once a purchase has been made, instructional materials will be emailed so you may familiarize yourself with the process in advance.


Terms and conditions

The first hour of instruction is refundable, minus $55 for instructional materials (if they have been emailed). Refunds will be given for any remaining unused hours, if requested.


If a workshop is being offered at a discounted rate for purchasing 3 or more hours of instruction and less than 3 hours were used, when calculating a refund, the regular rate of $85.00 per hour will apply.


What is an online workshop like?

We will connect with Skype or FaceTime. I have a swiveling table mount for my iPad so I can show you the techniques with the camera mounted above the table and have both hands free. I will use different colours so you can distinguish between the various elements.


After instruction is given, the session will end while you lay out the project and work on your own, with me “standing by” in case you have questions. Sessions can be resumed again when you are ready to proceed to the next step.




Sessions will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time. Please contact me at least one week in advance of the date you wish to schedule your first session. After our first session, subsequent sessions may be scheduled at a mutually convenient time and generally do not need a week’s notice.



1.  Let me know if you are interested in considering an online workshop and I will send you a detailed Materials and Supplies List and an Online Workshop Time Estimate to review.


2. If you decide to take the workshop, please answer the following questions:


·       What is your level of felting and dyeing experience - have you done nuno felting before?


·       If you have nuno felted previously, have you used the No Roll/dryer method?


·       Do you have a clothing dryer?


·       In addition to the 3-D techniques, do you wish to learn the watercolor dye hand-painting techniques?  


·       How many hours of online instruction do you wish to take? (If you are uncertain, I can advise you regarding an estimate of the number of hours needed.)


·       Will there be a friend joining you?


·       What time zone are you in? (I am in Pacific Standard Time.)


3.  I will then send you an invoice from PayPal with a link for payment. Alternatively, I can accept debit or VISA and Mastercard credit cards directly if you wish to provide a credit card number (via phone, FaceTime or Skype).


4.  Once payment has been made, I will send you the instructions:  Nuno Collage Scarf (with the Dryer/No Roll method), 6 pages; Notes on 3-D Techniques, 3 pages; Hand-Paint a Nuno Watercolour, 3 pages. You will be able to read over the instructions in advance and save time, as you will have knowledge of the process.


5.  Order your materials, prepare your workspace and set up your first session!